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Better by the Sack?


Naivety defined . . .

Smollet’s Shopping Cart 😜


Jussy Smollett’s Starter Kit
Sad to say, he’s full of shit.

Dhimmies Who Died

Lyrics written with apologies to Jim Carroll (who wrote ‘People Who Died’)

Written in mockery of the Democrat party, their horrible cultural antics & their over-the-top, self-destructive behavior.

Dhimmies Who Died (with apologies to Jim Carroll)
Warren claiming Injun, sixty nine years old
Didn’t have proof & she started to whine
Schumer was a Sen’tor when he pulled the plug
Kavanaugh hearings didn’t go so fine
Pelosi’s got dimen-ti-a, ugly & old
She looks like 105 when she whines
She was a fiend in time
All the Dhimmies who died, died
All the Dhimmies who died, died
All the Dhimmies who died, died
All the Dhimmies who died, died
Well all those fiends, they died
Hill’ry 2020 well we can’t let that happen
Died of Lesbianitus in upper Manhattan
Biden is a joke — nuthin’ in the head
Weiner OD’d on sexting on the night that he was wed
They were three more fiends in time
Three more fiends who died
Johnnie-boy McCain, was a Democrat prancer
Then he bought the farm from a case of brain cancer
Cory Booker scum – simply has no class
Died of AIDS from one too many pushin’ up the a _ _
They were two more fiends in time
Two more fiends who died
Eddie got slammed for skidding off a bridge
Mary Jo was toast, cause she wasn’t privileged
He beat the rap ’cause his dad was rich
Mary Jo was hosed & was “just some bitch”
Eddie Kennedy you’re worse than all the others
And this song is for you, you mutha’

Christine Blasey Ford: A Girl who “Cain’t Say No”!

So this whore walks out of a bar & into the Congressional chamber . . .


. . . with 64 admitted sexual partners between high school & college, and a penchant for group sex parties . . . we know what kind of, uhm . . . “woman” she is!

Now that they no longer need her for testimony, the Democrat Auto-Trader Weekly has posted the following:

Used Ford, high miles, runs erratic, looks like hell and is about as reliable as a monkey with a hand grenade. Sixty four previous owner/drivers . . . chassis frequently driven in groups. 

Democrat Auto Trader