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Ambient Landscape

A new mix project, fresh from the studio:

Where does the dividing line between cognitive clarity (as a time/space/emotional issue), & cognitive dissonance reside?Further: how does cognitive dissonance, as regards genre selection, play into the mix-making process? Not that it’s a “serious” issue at all…different genres each have their own appeal – but I wanted to fuse several together on this project: Ambient, Experimental Ambient, Minimal Techno & Electronica – as opposed to one primary genre dominating the mix.

This project, honed from over 2 hours of original material*, spans the real/perceived distance between ambient & experimental techno/glitch and pushes gently, but firmly, upon the borders of multiple genres.

It’s a slightly caustic/scratchy amalgamation of sound, jump-started by the release of Focal’s remix project ‘Polarity‘…on Ultimae (which has served me over the course of 2 mixes: ‘mute space‘ & now this); plus

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Fun with Internet Trolls


apologetics workshop

LOL. I was having a discussion on Twitter yesterday, when this troll steps in & begins the usual troll nonsense. Then, later in the day, I read this Sunday’s Dilbert &…realized it was a perfect match to the troll’s M.O,

I’ve seen this scenario play out time & again and, obviously, it’s a common phenomenon.
;- D

Internet Dick2

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