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Top 50 Twitter Abbreviations

by on March 11, 2012

@ Reply to [username]   |   AFAIK As Far as I Know  |   b/c Because

BFN Bye For now   |   BR Best Regards   |   BTW By the Way

DM  Direct Message. d username sends one. |   EM Email

FB Facebook   |   FF Usually #FF for Follow Friday.

FFS For F–k’s Sake  | FML F–k My Life   |   FTF Face To Face.

FTL For The Loss   |   FTW For The Win   |   FWD Forward

FWIW For What It’s Worth   HT  Hat tip  |   HTH Hope That Helps

IMHO In My Humble Opinion  |  IMO In My Opinion   IRL In Real Life

JV Joint Venture   |   J/K Just Kidding  |   LI LinkedIn

LMAO  Laughing My Ass Off   LMK Let Me Know   |   LOL Laughing Out Loud

MT Modified Tweet  |   NSFW Not Safe For Work   OH Overheard

PRT Partial Retweet (at the start of a tweet). Sometimes “Please Retweet” Old School: Party

RE In reply to. As in, use RE for @replies on Twitter. Used in front of the @ to ensure all followers can see the conversation. Further ontext: “Community, @replies, #fixreplies and Change

RR Re-Run  |  RT Retweet  |  RTF Read The FAQ. RTFF shows up too. RTF also stands for Rich Text File.

RTFM Read The F-ing Manual  |  RTHX Thanks For The ReTweet

SNAFU Situation Normal All F–ked Up  |  SOB Son Of a Bitch | STFU Shut The F–k Up

TMB Tweet Me Back  |  TMI Too Much Information  |

via not an acronym, but an abbreviation meaning: by a route that touches or passes through; by way of.

WTF What The F–k  |  WTH What The Hell  |  YMMV Your Mileage May Vary

YW You’re Welcome  |

NB Nota Bene. Make sure to read the comments, where there are many great additions.

ICYMI  In Case You Missed IT [HT @BrianStelter]

CX  Correction  |  RTQ Read The Question or Retweet Question

STFW Search The F —ing Web  |  TL;DR Too long; Didn’t Read.


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