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Princess-Boys & Hero-Girls

by on August 25, 2013

Absolute perversion on display. What irresponsible, horrible & mentally stunted parents you both are. Our job, as parents, is to steer a boy or girl to those respective cultural & societal roles – not churn out freaks & buy into the progressive/postmodern notion that intellect & sophistication are measured out by the amount of perversity/debauchery we can not only tolerate, but embrace as normal (or “alternative).
Let’s hope he doesn’t suffer a psychotic attack or suicide early due to low self-esteem & a severe identity crisis due to his experimental parents willingness to sacrifice their child’s mental well-being by turning him/her/it into a cultural lab rat.

Another Day - Another Mom

Pulling this from my drafts folder finally for National Trans Day of Action. Enjoy!


One of the most powerful memories of my life is my husband placing our son in my arms for the first time. We marveled at his chubby cheeks. As he grew, we delighted at each of our boy’s new milestones. At 9 months old he developed an obsession with construction equipment and vehicles that lasted for four years. All his t-shirts were covered with diggers and dozers. So was his favorite dress.

Just before his second birthday we found a pink striped sundress in the hand-me-down box. He tried it on and we snapped pictures of his smiling face and dressy boy-self. He loved his dress, so I sewed him some boyish dresses; his favorite featured a bulldozer.

We didn’t find out his gender during the pregnancy and joked with people that we were waiting…

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  1. The comments on the original blog are off the fucking wall. “I’m mostly a girl, but that’s subject to change”, “This gives me hope for our society & all its identity choices”.

    All its identity choices? Yeah Sometimes I ID as a savage rapist, other times a pedophile, sometimes a faggot, sometimes a dyke, other times all of the above. Sometimes I shove fresh fruit up the exhaust pipe of my car & pour fresh nectar into the crankcase.

    Effed up, people…effed up!

  2. “Pulling this from my drafts folder finally for National Trans Day of Action. Enjoy!” (caption)

    – the mom & dad are trans-gender activists & are pimping their son as an purposefully groomed example of someone who i “gender confused” – but who in reality i being pushed in a specific direction for the homosexual agenda. I’ll bet, left unchecked, this kid suicides before he’s 15 years old…& the mom will wail, cry & moan…but in no way blame herself or her sick husband (who doesn’t have the ball to top his militant-bitch wife).

  3. @PablodeFleurs: When I witness the utter #depravity/#perversion that #atheism/no metric spawns, I’d follow #Christ even IF He were imaginary. #Proverbs3_6

  4. I peeked @ the original today – the disgusting comments continue…esp 1 from a ‘Perversion Facilitator’ (didn’t realize that’s a job title), who applauds the diverse debauchery of postmodern society. Be a boy today, a girl tomorrow & then start a genital swap meet in your very own community.
    >:- P (blech!)

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