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Tweets on Marriage during #ethicsweek live stream

by on October 1, 2013


What is #marriage? A Comprehensive Union:
oAction engaged in,
oThe Good pursued [e.g. children]
oNorms lived by [#ethics] #ethicsweek
Unity @ every level of personhood: one flesh [permanent] creating+raising new life for cultural good with established norms #ethicsweek
Distinct: Children do best w/1Mom+1Dad; not 2Moms/ 2Dads a “thruple” (3 adults), “Wedlease” (temp.) or “Monagamish” (open) #ethicsweek
#ReligiousLiberty fares best within a culture of marital #trust, #fidelity & #ethics (#OneFlesh+Commitment) #ethicsweek
When we redef. #marriage we usurp nature’s process & make choices for children which will leave holes in their psyches (mom+dad) #ethicsweek
We are #Constitutionally protected in #ReligiousLiberty views & to live in accord w/them in a #tolerant & healthy #culture. #ethicsweek
Our #convictions matter as much as another’s. In the future “conviction matching” may be required in contracting vendors. #Truth #ethicsweek
The man speaking now, advocating = access to #marriage doesn’t recognize that ALL users must also contribute to the institution. #ethicsweek
When Society/Govt. must redefine core terminology in order to shoehorn a right into a #culture group…is it really a “right”? #ethicsweek
Shoehorning in rights is like selling an “original” Abe Lincoln Axe, the handle of which has been replaced twice & the head 3x. #ethicsweek

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