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The Parasitic Human Bubble

by on February 13, 2014

First there was the dotcom bubble.  Companies magically were 400% more valuable because you put a “.com” at the end or an “e-” or “i-” at the beginning of a company’s name.

Then there was the housing bubble.  Housing always goes up and ignore those liberals jacking up your property taxes making home ownership mathematically and factually a perpetuity liability.

And naturally there’s the education bubble.  “Major in what you want and the money will follow!”  “Any degree is good degree!”  “It’ll open up doors!”  And thus came a wave of puppetry degrees, “Beyonce Studies,” and “CIS-Gendered-Hermaphrodite-Peruvian-Lesbian-Poety” majors.

But while all of these bubbles did (and will have) devastating consequences for the economy….

“do you recall…the most devastating bubble of them all?”

We can focus on individual sectors such as technology, real estate and education, but the largest and granddaddiest bubble is about to happen.  And it isn’t going to hit a “sector” or a specific “industry” but pretty much half our population, and by default consume the remaining half – the parasitic human bubble.

Understand that since the “Great Society” the United States (and most western nations) have been championing the losers of society.  Originally it was set out with good intentions.   Who doesn’t want to help the poor?  Who doesn’t want to help the disadvantaged?  Who doesn’t want their fellow man to succeed and thrive?  But as we all know the road to hell is paved with good intentions and what once may have started out as a charitable endeavor quickly turned into a political tool for the left to bribe blocks, segments, divisions and groups of people into voting for them.  And as human nature is prone to do, the beneficiaries of these government programs raced to the bottom.  They didn’t take the proceeds and use it to improve their lives, but instead used it to loaf around and enjoy leisure.  They didn’t take the government cheese as a temporary measure to increase their skills to start a new successful career, but as a way to take a permanent vacation.  And they didn’t view this charity as “other kind and generous people’s money,” but rather an entitlement they deserved.

Fast forward several generations and throw in a good solid mix of socialist brainwashing from the public schools and media, and you now have a solid 50% of the population that is dependent upon the other half for their livelihood.  And not only are they parasitical, they are mentally brainwashed to see nothing wrong with it, some even hating and loathing their benefactors.

Sadly, for the beneficiaries and the benefactors (more accurately, parasites and producers), this system cannot last.  For there are some Malthusian mathematical limits inherent into this system. What those precise limits are is hard to say, but sooner or later the number of parasites will grow to the point they will out-consume what the producers can possibly produce.

And that’s when the Parasitic Human Bubble will burst.

Like the housing bubble or the dotcom bubble, it’s hard to predict precisely how it will burst.

It could be dramatic where one day the EBT cards won’t work, the TANF check bounces, or the WIC office is closed.  The parasitic humans will get upset, raid the local grocery store or Wal-Mart before they starve, but this will only exacerbate their problems as on the supply side stores will close and refuse to be re-supplied.  Once their pilfered supplies run out, the parasitic humans will be forced to forage for food elsewhere forcing them into areas where people are more heavily armed, overly-taxed, and quite pissed off about being forced to support a parasitic class for decades.  Riots and firefights break out and in comes the National Guard.  Martial law is established, rationing is enforced, but this only sends us down the spiral further and faster as such restrictions grind the economy to a halt, and society inevitably collapses.

It could be slow and controlled.  Politicians, even though incredibly stupid and corrupt, are forced to see the simple mathematical fact they don’t have the money to maintain their bribery and are forced to slowly cut the supply of resources to the parasitic classes.  The parasitic humans complain and get angry (ever see the teachers union complain about a “cut in the INCREASE” of their budget and scream bloody murder?), but not enough to riot or cause civil disorder.  Unfortunately, for the leftist politicians, they are mathematically forced to commit to this new strategy of amortizing down the benefits of the parasitic humans, and over time slowly alienate their voter base.  It is possible, over time and over generations, the parasitic humans are forced to learn independence, self-reliance, heck, even “achievement,” “entrepreneurship,” and “excellence,” but regardless of personal economic epiphanies, the parasite human bubble slowly deflates.  Of course the economy doesn’t “boom” because of the crippling debt load we’ve taken on paying for bread and circuses and so the United States is relegated to a half-century-long stagnation like Japan or Italy.  Malaise sets in and western civilization stops advancing.

Whichever scenario the outcome is not “good.”  But the point I’m trying to make is one of:

“Stand back and look at just how stupid it is we are arguing about this.  How far gone is society that I even have to write about this?”

What did you expect when you let half your population believe “there’s such a thing as a free lunch?”  What were you thinking constantly advocating victimization, woeismeism, and parasitism?  What did you think the consequences were going to be?  Set your crafty, dishonest, disingenuous, made-out-of-whole-cloth academian arguments of “sexism” “racism” “class warfare” “evil corporations” aside, deep down inside you know that

in the real world

a society cannot exist where one half loafs off of the other half in the long run.

And the simplicity of this fact does not debunk it.  Matter of fact, it only reinforces it and exposes the “elaborate” socio-political-economic arguments people on the left make for the smoke screens they are.  They are masking the fact they are one of four things:

1.  Evil – for knowingly lying to parasitic humans about economic reality so that they may benefit politically
2.  Dumb – for actually BELIEVING in such idiocy that half a population is somehow “entitled” or “deserves” the production of the other half, AND that somehow that system is sustainable
3.  Intellectually Lazy – because to take the time to think things economically through, not to mention look at budgets is too much effort for most leftists
4.  All of the Above – Which is the category I find most leftists fall into

Thankfully, I will suffer very little of the consequences of leftists’ stupidity.  I will likely die before the United States and western civilization “really” collapses or ends.  Additionally, history will be on sanity’s side as historians 2,000 years from now look at dependency ratios and ask “WTF were those leftists idiots thinking!?”  But most importantly I don’t have kids who will suffer the consequences of my generation’s idiotic leftist decisions.  This is the “true” revenge I will savor and salivate over, for most leftists are so dumb and intellectually lazy (not to mention arrogant) they will NEVER admit they’re wrong.  It’s too core to their ego and pride. And either out of ignorance or ego most will have children and bring them into this world.  A world they created, a world they made, a world they are completely responsible for, and one that will be terribly unkind to their genetic skin in the game.

Enjoy the decline, lefties.  Enjoy that freaking decline.


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